Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine Tulle Wreath

I love tulle!  It just makes everything more girly and fun!  I have been seeing these tulle wreaths all over the internet and decided to make one for Valentine's Day to grace my front door.  Remember the Valentine Rose Heart Wreath from last year?  My girls have been "borrowing" the roses from the wreath; so what better way to repurpose it than turn it ballet-inspired Valentine's Day wreath.

Materials Needed:
*    Styrofoam Heart Wreath
*    Spool of Light Pink Tulle
*    Spool of Light Purple Tulle
*    Spool of Glitter Pink Tulle
*    Valentine's Day pick


Cut the tulle into strips of approximately 6-7 inches in length.  Slip-knot the tulle around the wreath; similar to how you would when making a tutu.  I also knotted the tulle in place after slip-knotting it around the wreath, just to make sure it stayed properly. 
Overall it took me around 1 ½ hours to tie all the tulle around the wreath.  When that step was completed, I took the Valentine heart pick apart and stuck it into the Styrofoam wreath in various places. 


Look what you can get for an hour and half of your time and around $10.  A super cute home-made Valentine’s Day wreath! 

Happy Crafting!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Working Mommy's Schedule

For the past few months I (and my family) have been adjusting to a new schedule.  I went from working a "normal" 8-4:30 day shift to working a 2:30-11:00pm shift.  What a difference!  We were used to dropping the kids off at daycare / school in the morning; picking them up on the way home from work, me making dinner and then getting the kids ready for bed.  It was a schedule we had perfected and were comfortable with.  In September, I had the opportunity to take on a leadership role at work - which required me to change my shift.  Now, I am home for the majority of the day; take Madailein to school in the morning and have the rest of the day to do housework and play with Caitlyn. 

I learned early on that I needed to make a daily schedule that works with our new life schedule.  Along this journey I did some searching on the internet for a "working mom's schedule" and to my shock I had a very difficult time finding one!  So, I made my own:

The Working Mom’s Housekeeping Schedule

Make Beds
1 Load of Laundry
Dust / Vacuum Living Room, TV Room, Dining Room

Make Beds
1 Load of Laundry
Clean Kitchen
Mop Floors

Make Beds
1 Load of Laundry
Dust / Vacuum Bedrooms

Make Beds
1 Load of Laundry
Grocery Shopping

Make Beds
1 Load of Laundry
Clean Bathrooms

Saturday & Sunday

Have fun with family!

At first, I really held myself accountable for everything - but I learned that I had to give myself some grace!  Some days, it's so hectic that I just can't get the beds made or a load of laundry done; and that's ok!  This may seem fairly simple, but I thrive on making lists.  I think it's the satisfaction of being able to check off what I have accomplished so far!

Do you survive on lists too?  I would love to hear if you are a working mom and what kind of housekeeping schedule you have!

Happy Crafting !