Wedding Flowers

Bridal bouquet with white roses and pink hydrangea

 White Calla Lily Boutonnieres
 White Rose Corsages
 White Rose and White Calla Lily hand-tied bride's bouquet

White Calla Lily hand-tied bridesmaid bouquets
Cascading Bridal Bouquet with Purple Roses, White Casablanca Lilies, Purple Hydrangea and White Tulips

Bridesmaid Bouquet with Peach Roses, Purple Hydrangea and White Tulips

Bridesmaid Bouquet with Pink Stargazer Lilies and White Roses

Bridesmaid Bouquet with Orange Roses and Yellow Cala Lilies

Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet with Sunflowers, Blue Cornflowers, Yellow Roses and Red Tulips

Bridesmaid Bouquet with Orange Roses,Yellow Roses, Sunflower and Purple Iris

Bridal Bouquet with Red and Pink Gerbera Daises, Yellow Roses and White Cala Lillies

Reception Centerpiece with White Wysteria and Ivy
Why Silk?

For many years man has attempted to recreate and preserve the beauty of nature. What better way to showcase that beauty than through silk flowers?! Over the years silk flowers have received a bad reputation for being fake cheap imitations. However there are plenty of silk flowers available that very closely resemble the real deal. You'll want to stay away from flowers and colors that do not exist in nature.

Using silk flowers to decorate your home has its advantages. While fresh flowers are beautiful to look at and often have a wonderful fragrance; they do not last very long. By utilizing silk flowers you can add color and joy to your house every day of the year! I like to change my arrangements with the seasons. It is a much more cost effective way to decorate than to constantly replace fresh flowers.

There are also advantages to using silk flowers in weddings. Wedding flowers can get expensive and are often cut back to stay within budgets. You can stretch your flower budget further by using silk rather than fresh. Another plus is the flowers will stay beautiful the entire day and longer! Many a bride has been disappointed to have her bouquet and wedding flowers wilted and droopy as the day goes by, especially during the summer months. I used silk flowers in my bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets.  They looked just stunning in photographs and I still have mine as a memory of that lovely day.

I have done several weddings ranging from simple hand-tied bouquets to cascading reception centerpieces. I can create a custom arrangement to fit your style, desire and budget!