Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Rose Heart Wreath

First project of the month done!  Yea!
Madailein saw a Styrofoam heart shaped wreath and Joann's and wanted to make a Valentine's decoration.  I love that she is so into arts and crafts already!

This was such an easy craft to have little ones help with.  The only materials needed are a heart shaped wreath, bunches and bunches of silk roses and side cuts.

Three simple steps:
1.  Cut the roses so they only have a small amount of stem
2.  Stick the roses into the Styrofoam wreath
3.  Hang on the door! Voila!

She was super excited to have helped me make a decoration and it turned out really cute!  We are on a roll with our crafts this month.  Next up are the embroidered fabric in frames.  I'm hoping these turn out as well as I am picturing in my crafty mind. 

Happy crafting everyone!