Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tinker Bell Party Must-Haves!

Planning a Tinker Bell birthday party for my daughter's 6th birthday was so fun!  There are so many activities, games and décor to compliment this theme, you can't go wrong!!  I'm going to share with you how we made this Tinker Bell party a hit.  :)

Party Games
- Moonstone Treasure Hunt
If you've seen Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, you know all about moonstones!  I tied some blue floral glass rocks (the kind you use in vases) into some tulle and hid them in the  yard.  The girls had a blast searching for their moonstones!

- Tinker Bell Treasure Box
Now that we found our moonstones, we needed a treasure box to place them in. At Pat Catan's I found paper mache boxes with lids.  Each girl got to select a box and paint it; of course we also had glitter paint to make it sparkle like Pixie Dust!

- Fawn Egg Race
If you know Pixie Hollow, you know that Fawn is an animal fairy!  The girls had to race with eggs and bring them back safe to Fawn without breaking them!  We did have a few casualties - good thing we played this one outside.

Party Food
- Fairy Berries
A lovely mixture of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries in a baking cup - the perfect size of kids!
- Cheese's Cheese
Mixture of cubed cheese (who doesn't love cheese?!)
- Fairy Mary Muffins
Miniature blueberry muffins - again the perfect size for kids.
- Fairy Wands
Pretzel rods with marshmallows rolled in sprinkles.  I thought these would be a big hit with the kids, but they either ate the marshmallows off the pretzel, or just ate the pretzel and left the marshmallow!
- Neverberry Punch
Delicious punch made with lemonade and a splash of cranberry juice.  I also sliced up some strawberries to place in the punch for decoration. 

Party Décor
- Fairie's Welcome sign
Of course you cant' have a fairy party without letting them know they are welcome in a human house (I forgot to take a picture of mine)!  Madailein also made a special sign for the fairies!

- Tea Pots and Pixie Dust
Since Tinker Bell lives in a tea pot, I couldn't resist doing some arrangements in them!  The Pixie Dust not only served as a décor, but a party favor as well.  Each girl got to bring home two jars of Pixie Dust. 


Butterflies and Flowers
- I used as many flowers and butterflies that I could find to make my house more Pixie Hollow-like!

Happy Birthday, Madailein!
Happy Crafting! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tinkerbell Party Invitations

I'm back!!!  The past few months have just been a blur of school ending, work schedule changes, and vacations!  But - now I'm back with lots of crafting to do. 

For Madailein's sixth birthday, she decided to have a Tinkerbell party!  There is nothing about Disney that this kid doesn't love.  I typically do not buy the invitations that match the party decor (see last years post with the adorable home-made mermaid invitations) - so I put my creative cap on for some home-made Tink inspired invitations.  My initial idea was to draw a dandelion blowing in the wind - as a metaphor for Tinkerbell (since fairies come from dandelion fluff!).  Thankfully, a dear friend of mine who is fabulous at creating cards and invitations, gave me the best idea. 

Materials Needed:
- Glitter Card Stock - I used pink, green and lavender
- Sheets of Vellum
- Scissors
- Hole Punch
- Ribbon
- Glue Stick
- Self Adhesive Jewel Stickers
- Printer!

Step One-
I found an adorable saying for the invitations while searching the internet:

Sprinkle Some Pixie Dust and Fly Our Way
Come Celebrate Madailein's 6th Birthday!

I also downloaded a Disney inspired font onto my computer to utilize for these cards. On Microsoft Word, I pasted a sillohoute of Tinkerbell and then overlapped the wording ontop the image. 
Words of advice - it is difficult to print onto vellum!!!  I had to watch a YouTube video to figure it out.  Basically, if you tape the vellum to a sheet of computer paper, you can trick the printer into recognizing the vellum.  Be patient and print one sheet at a time. 

Step Two-
Cut the cardstock into the shape of the card (I did rectangles).
Cut the vellum into the same shape, just slightly smaller. 
Glue the vellum onto the cardstock.

Step Three -
Using the hole punch, make two holes in the top of the card.
Thread some ribbon through the holes and make a pretty bow!  Add jewel stickers for some extra sparkle!

Voila!  Super cute, home-made Tinkerbell inspired fairy invitaitons for a fraction of the cost of store-bought invitations.  I bought all the materials at JoAnn Fabrics, used coupons and the total was less than $8.00. 

Happy Crafting!