Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School Tulle Wreath

We are one week in to the new school year!  I can't believe my Madailein is in the first grade - I remember being in first grade myself and it doesn't seem so long ago!!!

To kick off fall and school starting, I decided to make a Back to School tulle wreath to grace our front door.  If you've missed my other tulle wreaths of the  year, check out the Valentine Tulle Wreath and the Easter Tulle Wreath.  These are so easy to make and I have so many ideas for the autumn and winter; I can't wait to make more!

Materials Needed:
- Styrofoam circle wreath
- Spool of red tulle
- Spool of yellow tulle
- Spool of blue tulle
- Back to school themed ribbon - I choose one that looks like a ruler!
- Pencils and crayons for embellisment
- Wooden apple - I found mine at Pat Catan's in the wood decorating department
- Hot glue gun

The tulle was cut into strips approximately 7" long; then tied around the weath.  Once all the tulle was tied on, I gave it a trim so the pieces were even all the way around. 

Add your ribbon, hot glue the pencils, crayons and apple - and Voila! Another adorable tulle wreath for around $10!!
My plan is to leave this wreath up until around the middle of September, then make a fall tulle wreath - so stay tuned for that one!
Happy Crafting!