Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Crafting Goals

Well January came and went faster than ever before!  Life happened and I did not get nearly as much crafting done as I would have liked.  However, I did finish a place mat, start the diaper box bins and Madailein did finish her painting!

Knit place mats - I was not thrilled with the way this craft turned out, as I mentioned in a previous post.  I will definitely try it again using different color yarn. 

Diaper box bins - I am still planning on making these.  So far, I have collected 5 diaper boxes to get started on this project.  The white canvas I bought for the base was way too thin and you can see right through the fabric on the box.  As soon as I get some heavier canvas I will finish this project.

Madailein's painting - I am so proud of her beautiful work of art!  Last weekend I prepared her canvas for her, painting the background blue.  She was so excited to create her own painting for her bathroom.  The girl's bathroom is painted yellow and decorated with bright turtles, butterflies, birds, trees, etc.  Madailein decided to paint some butterflies, a turtle, a bird, flowers and lots of clouds!

Now on to February!  This month I am aiming to get a lot of crafting done for the Spring Craft Show.  Here is what is on my to do list so far:

- Heart shaped rose wreath for front door
- First Communion veils
- Embroidered fabric set in wood hoops or frames

Happy Crafting everyone!