Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tinkerbell Party Invitations

I'm back!!!  The past few months have just been a blur of school ending, work schedule changes, and vacations!  But - now I'm back with lots of crafting to do. 

For Madailein's sixth birthday, she decided to have a Tinkerbell party!  There is nothing about Disney that this kid doesn't love.  I typically do not buy the invitations that match the party decor (see last years post with the adorable home-made mermaid invitations) - so I put my creative cap on for some home-made Tink inspired invitations.  My initial idea was to draw a dandelion blowing in the wind - as a metaphor for Tinkerbell (since fairies come from dandelion fluff!).  Thankfully, a dear friend of mine who is fabulous at creating cards and invitations, gave me the best idea. 

Materials Needed:
- Glitter Card Stock - I used pink, green and lavender
- Sheets of Vellum
- Scissors
- Hole Punch
- Ribbon
- Glue Stick
- Self Adhesive Jewel Stickers
- Printer!

Step One-
I found an adorable saying for the invitations while searching the internet:

Sprinkle Some Pixie Dust and Fly Our Way
Come Celebrate Madailein's 6th Birthday!

I also downloaded a Disney inspired font onto my computer to utilize for these cards. On Microsoft Word, I pasted a sillohoute of Tinkerbell and then overlapped the wording ontop the image. 
Words of advice - it is difficult to print onto vellum!!!  I had to watch a YouTube video to figure it out.  Basically, if you tape the vellum to a sheet of computer paper, you can trick the printer into recognizing the vellum.  Be patient and print one sheet at a time. 

Step Two-
Cut the cardstock into the shape of the card (I did rectangles).
Cut the vellum into the same shape, just slightly smaller. 
Glue the vellum onto the cardstock.

Step Three -
Using the hole punch, make two holes in the top of the card.
Thread some ribbon through the holes and make a pretty bow!  Add jewel stickers for some extra sparkle!

Voila!  Super cute, home-made Tinkerbell inspired fairy invitaitons for a fraction of the cost of store-bought invitations.  I bought all the materials at JoAnn Fabrics, used coupons and the total was less than $8.00. 

Happy Crafting!