Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!

These past few weeks have just been hectic trying to get prepared for the first day of Kindergarten!  However - day one went much better than I expected.  :D

The week before school started; Madailein had an opportunity to meet her teacher and go on a "treasure hunt" throughout the school.  She just sat right down at a desk and made herself at home - as if she's been doing this for years!!

Here we are the night before the first day reading Little Critter's Best Teacher Ever. She loved this book!

Of course, no first day of school would be complete without the perfect outfit!!

I got the idea for the "When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A..." chalkboard from Pinterest (my new addiction!)
Most kindergartners will probably say they want to be a fireman, policeman or teacher - not my Madailein!  She wants to be a wedding planner when she grows up!!  I think someone has been watching too many episodes of Project Runway and Say Yes To The Dress with me! 

Madailein (and Mommy!) have survived the first week of school!  Yea for us! 
How did your first day of school go?  Did you do the chalkboard idea too?  I would love to see your pictures!

Happy Crafting!