Monday, August 6, 2012

Easy Abstract Painting

Creating a one of a kind abstract painting is easier than you think!!  I personally am not much of an abstract artist and typically struggle in this area - so I can definitely vouch for this method. 

First - take some photographs of random objects.  It can be flowers, furniture, appliances, the staircase, dishes...anything that looks interesting to you.  Don't get too attached to the photographs because now you are going to print them and cut them up.  That's right - cut them up!!  Take a handful of your favorite pictures, cut them into squares and rectangles, then rearrange into a large square.

Next - start painting!!  Your mind won't be so focused on trying to paint the exact objects that you photographed.  Instead, you will start to just see lines, shapes and colors.

In my abstract painting above, the photographs that I dismantled were of chairs and vases - though you would never know it!  This technique works really well with black and white photos also to create beautiful gray scale art.

There you have it - an easy way to create a unique masterpiece of your own!! 

Happy Crafting!

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