Friday, May 4, 2012

May Crafting Goals

Unlike last month, I plan to get started on May crafts before the month is over!!  This is, however, going to be a busy month with birthdays, vacation and a holiday - so I guess we will let life dictate how successful this month will be.  :)

Crafting Goal Numero Uno - the silk flower collage painting I wanted to get done last month. 

Number Two - this super cute hand print art I found via Pinterest:
soo cute

This one would make excellent Mother's Day gifts for the grandma's!!! 

Project Number Three (if time allows, lol!) - I have been wanting to do this one for months.  Another awesome idea from Pinterest. Scrapbook paper leaves on branches - brilliant!

Pinned Image

What are your crafting goals for this month?

Happy Crafting!