Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frugal Christmas Finds!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!  This year was just perfect with my two beautiful angels opening their gifts under the tree.  With two little ones, I made the conscience effort this year to have a modest and frugal Christmas.  In the years past, my husband and I went a tad overboard on the presents - which just overwhelms our 4 year old to tears.

My goal for this year was to have a nice Christmas for less and with less!

My adventure into having a frugal Christmas enabled me to get the following items for free:

 - was offering a free 8*10 photo collage.  I had an extra frame in the basement and had my 4 year old decorate it for my parents

- $20.00 to Fanny May / Harry London chocolates.  The newspaper had a free $10.00 coupon, so I used mine and the coupon that came in my parent's newspaper.  I was able to get 4 boxes of chocolates, 2 chocolate suckers and 2 chocolate Santa's.

- $10.00 to JC Penney. Coupon came in the mail for $10.00 off your purchase of $10.00 or more!  I used this to get a holiday snowglobe priced at $9.99 before tax - free with coupon!

- $20.00 to  I received this gift card in the mail from the website as a thank you for an order I placed a few years ago; I believe they were trying to get more business for this holiday season.  I used the gift card to buy a personalized baby doll for our 1 year old.

- Speedway reward points.  Over the past year we have accumulated 47,000 points on our Speedway rewards card.  I used the reward points to get a $25.00 Speedway gas gift card, a $10.00 Speedway gas gift card and a $15.00 Itunes gift card!

Overall I was able to get about $100.00 worth of gifts for free!

I was very pleased with my first attempt at frugal gift shopping! This definitely motivated me to continue the frugal adventure into next year - all with the goal of being able to quit my full time job and stay home with my girls. We'll see where frugality takes me in 2012!