Friday, April 1, 2011

Think Spring! April - Month of the Sweet Pea

Spring is by far one of my favorite times of the year. There is nothing more refreshing than seeing the trees budding, flowers growing and smelling the fresh clean spring air.  This season brings a sense of newness and rebirth that no other season can offer.  Right now as I type I am looking out my dining room window and can see tiny buds on my lilac tree - I can't wait for it to bloom again this year!  The sweet fragrance from the flower floats through the house with the cool breeze when the windows are open.  :)  

The birth flower for April is the Sweet Pea; which traditionally has the meaning of departure and bliss.  I like to think this symbolizes the departure from the winter into spring. It typically is seen in white or soft pastel colors, such as lavender, pink and yellow, that would pair perfectly with an elegant spring wedding.

Sometimes the Daisy also symbolizes the month of April.  The literal meaning for daisy is "day's eye" because it opens as the day is beginning. Daisies symbolize innocence and purity and can also signify new beginnings - which can again be tied in with spring and rebirth. They used to be given to new mother's in bouquets to celebrate the birth of a child. 

To brighten up my house I decided to make a new arrangement using some happy daisies in soft pinks and yellows.  Flowers definitely bring a smile to my face and bring such joy when I can pass that happiness on to someone else to enjoy!

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world."
-  Virgil A. Kraft