Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hoo Are You?!

I came across this fun linky party at !!

1. Do you plant a garden or flowers, or neither?
  I absolutely love to plant flowers!  My entire summer is usually spent planting flowers and cleaning out the flower beds.  I would love to attempt a vegetable garden one day when I can devote more time to it.
2. Does it bother you to have your blinds or curtains 
open after dark so people can see in your house?
  Only the bedroom blinds, the other rooms don't bother me that much.
3. Do you like to go camping?
  I have never been camping!  It would have to include a comfy hotel bed, a pool and room service! 
4. Do you have a laptop or a desk top computer?
  I have both a laptop and a desk top.
5. What time during the day do you have your most energy?
  Most of my energy comes in the afternoon and early evening.  I get most accomplished during this time.

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