Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainbows and Shamrocks!!

With a three year old preschooler, I find myself  looking for crafty projects we can do together.  Most of her school art projects are displayed at school and we don't get to bring them home for a few weeks - so we don't get to enjoy any of her holiday crafts.  I take every opportunity to share my passion for art with my daughter.

This week we decided to make some St. Patrick's Day crafts.  Using just some construction paper, scrapbook paper, a glue stick and scissors we made color rainbows and shamrocks to hang up for decoration.  Toddlers and preschoolers tend to like projects that are very hands-on and don't take too much time since they will lose interest quickly.

For the rainbows we tore up pieces of scrapbook paper in various colors of the rainbow and then simply glued them onto a piece of contruction paper.  This is a wonderful way to get your little one to learn color recognition and hand-eye coordination.  For the shamrock I drew one on a piece of green contruction paper and then cut it out to use as a template for the second shamrock.  We again tore pieces of scrapbook paper, this time just green, and glued to our cut-out shamrocks.  They are now proudly displayed on our pantry door where everyone can see! A very simple and quick way to introduce kids to the world of arts and crafts!!

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