Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Sight Word Bingo

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had the pleasure of organizing the Valentine party for my daughter's kindergarten class today!  What a joy these kids were!

During our room mom meeting in January, we came up with the idea of playing Sight Word Bingo during the party.  If you do a Google search for "Sight Word Bingo", there are tons out there to print off and use.  Could I do things that simple?  No!!  I decided to make my own bingo cards for the kids!

The kids all got some candy conversation hearts to use as the bingo card markers.  They loved that they could eat the game pieces!!

At our craft station, we decided to make some super cute Hershey Kiss mice that one of the room mom's found on Pinterest.  Really easy craft for the kiddos - 2 Hershey Kiss with a foam heart in the middle.  We also used a foam heart for the feet and I added googly eyes. 

The kids thought these were hillarious!  For some reason - mine looks more like an elephant than a mouse!

Hope your Valentine's Day was special!
Happy Crafting!