Sunday, April 29, 2012

Upcycled Hair Bows!

Do you ever find yourself wondering "What should I do with all these plastic grocery bags?".  The answer, of course, is: Make Hair Bows!!! 

I am so glad I found this craft at  Over the years I have collected umpteen plastic bags and I hate to throw them out.  This craft is the perfect solution.

Materials Needed:
Plastic Bags
Hot Glue Gun
Hair Barrette

The first bow took me around 15 minutes, but after I got the hang of it the next few only took about 10 minutes. has a wonder step-by-step tuturioal for these bows. Another use for plastic rosettes could be budget-friendly party decorations! 

Love how it turned out!  Have you made these or have a clever way of upcycling plastic bags?  I would love to see your ideas!!

Happy Crafting! 

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