Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fancy Nancy Time!!

What a crazy busy summer this has been so far!!  I feel like I have hardly had any time to breath, let alone do anything crafty. Two weeks ago was my eldest's 4th birthday - and I'm not sure who was more excited about it; her or me!!  She wanted to have a Fancy Nancy themed party and I have been planning this for months. 

I wanted the decorations to be as fancy as possible to stick with the whole idea of the stories.  I found a Fancy Nancy book about butterflies and decided we would do all flowers and butterflies. It was so fun to hang butterflies from the ceiling and decorate the table in tulle and flowers!!

The weekend of her birthday we had a party with a couple of friends from preschool.  This was the first party that we invited school friends to and Madailein was beyond excited to have some girls over.  I made the girls tulle tutu's to wear so they could feel fancy too.  They had a great time being girly and twirling around to make the tutu's flair out around them.  To make Madailein feel extra fancy and special for her birthday we put some butterflies in her hair just like Fancy Nancy would! Now she wants to have fancy hair all the time! All in all, I would say this birthday was a success.  :)